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 The Firm is committed to protecting you against the law for all damages and adverse events that may occur in the air and sea. Passengers who use the air can sometimes have moments of difficulty. There may be many negative situations such as the loss of luggage or bags of passengers, uncomfortable and health-threatening seats during the journey, inappropriate behavior of hostesses or hostesses. Aviation solicitor turkey which you will write to international search engine will easily guide you to Kartal Law Firm. This company carries out its work professionally and wisely and assures that it will be with you not only on airway transportation but also on sea transportation. Turkey is a company working in international and only emphasis on the universal rights of passengers and freight is not limited to Turkish citizens. It is easy to foresee that we will hear its name frequently in every country of the world and the best aviation lawyers turkey will be the best. Aviation lawyers, which is the subject of law firm, discusses important issues when considered extensively. Wide perspective and detailed service is the mission of Kartal Law Firm.

Eagle Law Firm in Aviation Trade

The company, which has already taken measures against the problems and negativities on an aircraft trading with air, gives you legal advice in advance on how this trade will take place. It gives you detailed advice on legal permits and ground crew recruitment until the point where the aircraft departs. In case the aircraft is not yours, you can make preliminary researches about the rented aircraft you will use for trade and open the doors of trade without any problems. In trade, he is not only interested in airplanes, but also measures are taken to prevent disagreements between the landlord and the tenant. If you have rented the plane by yourself and you think you have done all the procedures, Kartal Law Firm will review the contracts signed wet and dry for you and check whether there is legal incompatibility. The only situation you prefer to check is the counseling service.

Airway Transportation

Traveling by plane allows you to profit quite a lot of time. For this reason, in most parts of the world, the airway is a frequently used means of transportation. But the negativities during the unaccounted journey can be annoying. In such cases, the most reliable company providing legal advice and support is the Kartal Law Firm. Because this company provides legal support for accidents that will harm your life or property. Only accidents are not advisable in the face of all adverse events.

Aviation Industry

He provides consulting services in many areas in the aviation industry. Airport workers provide legal support for the schedules of the times the planes are cruising, MROs, all kinds of contracts and ground handlers made in aviation. It provides detailed legal advice not only for the existing air industry, but also for the establishment of operational bases, the establishment of local establishments and the establishment of AOCs in the aviation industry.

Banking and Financial Law

Aviation and maritime legal support, as well as other issues that continue to work in the firm, one of the few companies you can safely receive legal support. Credit contracts, operational and financial contracts, negotiation and execution in the context of the information before the start of work and also undertakes your legal advice. The rents and mortgages of the properties, the security of your movable and non-immovable property under registration, are on your side in contracts with the tenant.

Credits and Eagle Law Firm

Most people do not investigate the appropriateness of the credits we take from the bank for interest or repayments. This company, which investigated the easiness of attracting the loans offered by the banks to us, investigated the appropriate payments and interest rates and reduced your grievance to zero against the bank. Kartal Law firm is the closest consulting firm to ask any questions. He can’t get credit and he’s helping out if he’s having trouble. Loan debts or debts to any institution or organization by following the most appropriate advice comes to you. In accordance with the recommendations in accordance with the most appropriate way to initiate debt collection operations.

Controversial Decisions and Legal Process

these companies represent you when you are serving in Turkey defendant or plaintiff in a controversial decision. If you do not receive your payment yet the case of financial issues in the unpaid debts unfairly wait for the law ends with Kartal. Mortgage-free yacht, apartment, car, airplane or real estate makes it progress smoothly.

Counseling in Heritage and Property

unprofessional allows the administration of your property and possessions you have acquired in Turkey. Take a long and lasting result shortens the inheritance of the legacy and material as a matter of relief. It prepares you for the signature procedures that you will have to perform in the purchase and sale of the real estate and provides you with the convenience of minimizing the time between sales and payment. The company gives you legal support as well as legal advice for the sale or rent of your property. All these sales, rental or inheritance cases can represent you.

Legal Support in Insurance

We manage the demands of the companies or you within the scope of insurance and policies. Evaluates the demands and shares these assessments with you. The company’s process of step-by-step evaluation is progressing and this situation makes you more comfortable. When it is faced with the undesirable situation in the workplace or home insurance, it puts all your rights against the insurers. It covers the scope and policy of insurance laws in detail. This situation brings a positive situation for you against Kartal Law Firm. Because it is not a preparation that will take days to examine and examine the roughness in the insurance area. You get the easiest and fastest results.

Maritime Business

All transactions for ship credit are running from start to end point. It examines and investigates mortgage records, due diligence and all kinds of documents. The ships and yachts are removed by the foreign banks and removed from the mortgage. The sea and the cargo that will reach your hand through the insurance and the process is followed. In the meantime, if you have suffered any damages, legal proceedings are initiated and legal support is kept on you. It protects you from the harmful situations that arise from the goods and debt guarantees you make through the sea via different countries and easily carries out the debt payment by executing the works without you. If you are working with Kartal Law Firm from the beginning of the process, the conditions that will force you in your creditor position will be eliminated.

Kartal Law Firm History

Especially in the aerospace industry since 1994 with the successful cases of the company that stands out with many cases of easy to find on the website. Both domestic and international aviation and maritime all the problems experienced by the legal support of large-scale problems. In unfair situations during the journey, the professional orientation of the aircraft has led to professional advancement in all situations that would jeopardize the safety of life and property, such as changes in the route of the aircraft, problems in aircraft system failures, cargo losses and damage, accidents or fire. For this reason, only the Eagle Law Firm is a law firm that has proven its successful progress in Turkey but all over the world.

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